Member Responsibilities & Guidelines

Members pay an annual membership fee and provide resources to support MOBILITY DEVELOPMENT GROUP activities. The fee is based on member category and total company revenue.

In addition to paying annual dues, members are encouraged to actively participate in the member meetings and technical teams. Member fees will be set by the Board from time to time based on company revenue. Members are expected to determine their own member category in good faith. In the event of disagreement over member category and associated fees, the Member may appeal to the Treasurer. The Member may further appeal to the Board.

    • Member meetings review industry trends and the activities of the teams & committees. Meetings are held approximately two times per year. Members are asked to sponsor the meetings.
    • Members provide staff to support Committees, Working Groups and Teams tasked with developing detailed technical approaches and appropriate documentation for wireless development and test issues. Activities include:
      • Developing technical documents
      • Participating in regular meeting
      • Participating in conference calls
    • All MOBILITY DEVELOPMENT GROUP meetings will be conducted in accordance with appropriate antitrust guidelines as detailed below:
      • MOBILITY DEVELOPMENT GROUP meetings will be limited to activities related to the scope and charter of the MOBILITY DEVELOPMENT GROUP
      • MOBILITY DEVELOPMENT GROUP meetings will be documented through meeting minutes
      • Each meeting will have an agenda and participants will limit discussions to those topics indicated on the agenda
    • Each MOBILITY DEVELOPMENT GROUP member company agrees to provide the necessary technical and administrative resources to facilitate the MOBILITY DEVELOPMENT GROUP’s charter.
    • Members agree to abide by the policies set forth in these Member Guidelines and as may be amended from time to time by the Board of Directors. Adherence to decisions made by the MOBILITY DEVELOPMENT GROUP is voluntary (non-binding); however, in the spirit of MOBILITY DEVELOPMENT GROUP’s objectives, member companies are asked to support all MOBILITY DEVELOPMENT GROUP decisions.
    • MOBILITY DEVELOPMENT GROUP membership is open to network operators, manufacturers, and application developers or content providers who have demonstrated a commitment to support the MOBILITY DEVELOPMENT GROUP’s objectives. Members must demonstrate:
      • A willingness to work in good faith to support the goals of the MOBILITY DEVELOPMENT GROUP
      • A willingness to supply the necessary technical and administrative resources where possible
    • All MOBILITY DEVELOPMENT GROUP members must be approved by the MOBILITY DEVELOPMENT GROUP Board of Directors. Approval of a request for membership requires a majority of two-thirds of the Executive Board. (A company that is 100% owned by an existing MOBILITY DEVELOPMENT GROUP member company is considered a full member of the group.)
    • The MOBILITY DEVELOPMENT GROUP will meet as necessary to accomplish its objectives. Member companies are encouraged to host/sponsor meetings.
    • Members are required to pay annual dues as set by the Board. Timely payment of fees is expected.
    • All MOBILITY DEVELOPMENT GROUP output to external organizations must be approved by the Board.
    • MOBILITY DEVELOPMENT GROUP membership will not be considered confidential. Material disclosed during MOBILITY DEVELOPMENT GROUP meetings is also not considered confidential. MOBILITY DEVELOPMENT GROUP members should take appropriate precautions regarding disclosure of confidential information during MOBILITY DEVELOPMENT GROUP meetings. However, in the spirit of the objectives of the MOBILITY DEVELOPMENT GROUP, all members are encouraged to treat information disclosed during the course of any MOBILITY DEVELOPMENT GROUP meeting as private.
    • Each MOBILITY DEVELOPMENT GROUP member acknowledges that MOBILITY DEVELOPMENT GROUP does not review the disclosures or contributions of any MOBILITY DEVELOPMENT GROUP member nor does MOBILITY DEVELOPMENT GROUP verify the status of the ownership of any of the intellectual property rights associated with any such disclosures or contributions. Accordingly, each MOBILITY DEVELOPMENT GROUP member should consider all disclosures and contributions as being made solely on an as-is basis. If any MOBILITY DEVELOPMENT GROUP member makes any use of any disclosure or contribution, then such use is at such MOBILITY DEVELOPMENT GROUP member’s sole risk. Each MOBILITY DEVELOPMENT GROUP member agrees that MOBILITY DEVELOPMENT GROUP shall not be liable to any person or entity (including any MOBILITY DEVELOPMENT GROUP member) arising out of any use of any disclosure or contribution, including any liability arising out of infringement of intellectual property rights.
    • When necessary, MOBILITY DEVELOPMENT GROUP team leaders can call for votes on any particular issue. Simple majority constitutes approval of a motion. While vendors are encouraged to express their opinions and team leaders are encouraged to seek consensus, carriers are the only members allowed to vote.
    • The MOBILITY DEVELOPMENT GROUP will not be involved in purchasing issues or procurement matters. The MOBILITY DEVELOPMENT GROUP in no way seeks to advantage or disadvantage any manufacturer or vendor in relation to any other. Each participant is free to take any procurement action they wish, whether consistent or inconsistent with MOBILITY DEVELOPMENT GROUP recommendations.
    • MOBILITY DEVELOPMENT GROUP members will not engage in any discussions or other activities regarding pricing, internal costs, marketing, customers, or any other matters that may concern competition or commercial activity related to cellular service or any other products or services.
    • The MOBILITY DEVELOPMENT GROUP will follow fair and ethical procedures for objective exploration of technical issues and evaluation of alternatives for the purposes of maximizing the likelihood that it will develop specifications that meet customer requirements in terms of function, cost, and timely deployability.